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Meeting Date: 1/15/2020 - 7:00 PM
Category: New Business
Type: Info/Action
Subject: 12.1 Maple Elementary Library
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Enclosure: Request to Name Maple Elementary Library
Policy File FF
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Request to Name Maple Elementary Library.pdf
Policy File FF.pdf
Public Notes: The Board has discussed similar requests in recent years and has been cautious. Policy FF deals with the naming of facilities but does not deal with naming portions of facilities. The old HS library location, currently the counseling center, was named the Homer D. Williams Library, and that plaque has been moved to the existing library location.

Naming a facility or a portion of a facility is a great way to honor educators that have provided a lasting impact on our school system. What can be complicated is honoring one educator when a list could be generated at a moments notice.

I recommend the Board be deliberate in any action involving honoring an individual through the naming of a facility. If the Board chooses to consider such a request, perhaps a small committee could consider a list of potential honorees and potential locations to be named.
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Exec. Summary
Recommendation: I recommend the Board either deny the request or commission an ad hoc committee to study the scenario of naming portions of facilities.
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Donna White - Board Secretary
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Dr. Todd Schuetz - Superintendent
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