Review Agenda Item
Meeting Date: 6/24/2020 - 7:00 PM
Category: Special Meeting Business
Type: Action
Subject: 5.4 184 Day Work Calendar
Strategic Plans:
Tactic 6
Invest in and develop quality staff.
Enclosure Enclosed is a work calendar for 184 days. Per the request of the Certified Staff Salary and Benefits Committee, we would like the Board to take action on reducing the work calendar for counselors, teachers, library media specialists, process coordinators, and speech language pathologists from 187 days to 184 days. The reduction in days results in the elimination of paid holidays. This will result in an increase in the daily rate of pay.
File Attachment:
2020-2021 184 days Certified Work Calendar.pdf
Public Notes:
Funding :
Exec. Summary
Recommendation: Ashley Jones recommends the Board approved the 184 days work calendar as presented.
Recommended By:
Signed By:
Ashley Jones - Director of Human Resources
Signed By:
Dr. Todd Schuetz - Superintendent
Vote Results:

Original Motion
Member Ian Saxton Moved, Member Wade Kiefer seconded to approve the Original motion 'Ashley Jones recommends the Board approved the 184 days work calendar as presented.'. Upon a Roll-Call Vote being taken, the vote was: Aye: 7 Nay: 0.
The motion Carried 7 - 0
Denney Fales     Yes
Sarah Lamer     Yes
Ian Saxton     Yes
Wade Kiefer     Yes
Len Matthies     Yes
Scott Haggerty     Yes
Susan Whitacre     Yes